AudioPlayer Configuration

Everything there is to know about the AudioPlayer object.


Most basic example:

<script type="text/javascript">
  new AudioPlayer(
        tracks: [
                url: '',
                name: 'castillo en la niebla'
        by: 'Alexander Leon',
        memo: 'music',
        albumName: 'Castillo en la niebla (2016)',
        idTarget: 'castillo',
        message: 'Thanks!'
<div id="castillo"></div> 



tracks Array {url: string, name: string} required

Array of tracks to be loaded (URL or base64 data URI).

songName string required

The song’s name.

by string required

The author of the song.

walletAddress string required

The stellar public address to which you’d like to receive funds. Commonly referred to as the public key.

memo string required

A short phrase of your choosing. This helps us determine and display how many people have supported you and what the total value is. In our eyes, you’d either want to have a unique memo value per song or album.

idTarget string required

The id of the DOM element you wish to convert into a widget.

message string required

Message for potential supporters.

useAlbumDisplay boolean

Display the complete album track list. See the showcase for an example.